Art Pop Montreal x Projet Casa

September 15th 2022 - October 2nd 2022

Holly Chang
Jin Heewoong
Kuh del Rosario
Laura Acosta et Santiago Tavera Melissa Raymond et René Sandín My-Van Dam
Par Nair
Santiago Tamayo Soler

Curated by Bettina Pérez Martínez and Tyra Maria Trono

//At a distance - from within// draws from the allegory of the seed as an entity that creates a sense of rhizomatic placemaking. This relational form of placemaking refers then to the flourishing of communities, practices, and exchanges that come from diverse and multiple diasporas. The exhibition explores the concept of diaspora through the use of texts by diasporic writers, such as Sundus Abdul Hadi, Stuart Hall, and Édouard Glissant, among others.

Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for their generous support!

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