October 2019

Ellen Bleiwas
Laura Hudspith
Megan Ellen MacDonald
Luca Soldovieri

THE MAGENTA FOUNDATION in conjunction with KONTORT present Cuties Who Are Nice, an exhibition featuring the work of four artists: Ellen Bleiwas, Laura Hudspith, Megan Ellen MacDonald, and Luca Soldovieri. This is the inaugural exhibition presented by the Magenta Foundation Incubator Curatorial Summer Workcamp.

The artists in Cuties Who Are Nice observe the value of objects and the desire to give them meaning. Via two-dimensional and three-dimensional mediums, Cuties Who Are Nice tempts the viewer with desire for a stolen tactile moment with the objects.

This exhibition presents “pretty little art from pretty little women” to illustrate the charged weight of material and object. Engaging with organic and constructed materials, the artists in Cuties Who Are Nice explore the unfamiliarity into what we think we already know. Working in “domestic spaces,” simple objects such as a bedroom, a love letter, or a curtain expose their true strangeness and abnormality.

Cuties Who Are Nice celebrates the strength, ability, and contributions of four female artists who subvert attitudes and behaviours in their work.

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