January 10th 2020 - March 14th 2020

Farah Al Amin 
Holly Chang
Farihah Shah

Curated by Heidi Wong

When One is Far and Gone is a photographic group exhibition featuring the work of Farihah Shah, Holly Chang, and Farah Al Amin.

Through the integration of text, archival images, and constructed scenes, the three artists explore their own identity in relation to familiar environments, culture and family history, documenting their process in discovery. By organizing the images in a non-linear manner, the work expresses the complexity and intricacy of the process in self-exploration. Each discovery is different of one another and the yearning to know more cannot be expunged. The images provoke one to consider how reconstructed environments can deliver nostalgia, what duality can signify in identity, and the implications discovered as a result of personal inquiry into family history.

In the end, the search for self and personal identity is unceasing and never-ending; a process that one will endure, even when one is far and gone (1977).


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